Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure all aspects of your business allowing you to better monitor the performance and requirements for success. Integrate your data from your current platforms to instantly populate your KPI dashboards, showing how your business is performing at a glance. With our comprehensive and powerful formulas, we have a solution for any style of business and how to better its performance.


Beautifully presented reporting available at the click of a button, anytime anywhere. Whether being used for staff meetings, investor presentations or bank requirements – AVA produces amazingly advance reporting that not only shows insight into your business but allows for helpful directions on how to better its performance.


AVA provides a holistic view to any business separating them down to five key areas. We then drill down each area further with an additional ten subcategories allowing for a total of fifteen areas of assessment. This not only gives you a complete overview of how your business is performing but allows for key analysis with focused processes on how to better each area.


Need to know something before it becomes an issue? Get notified by AVAs alerts allowing you to address it quickly before its too late. AVA uses a set of complex formulas that analyse your data history and sends it through machine learning to make sure that your business is always one step ahead.


Don’t want to get buried in figures and just want it straight? AVA, with our complex formulas and analysis, is the only platform that scores your business performance with an additional score for each key area. Think of it as a credit score, the better it is, the better your business.