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Early on in our journey, it became clear to us that one of the key issues for small to medium businesses was managing their debt portfolio. We designed a management, restructure and advisory service to clients struggling to manage their creditors. AVA Advisory will work intimately with a business from anywhere from two weeks onwards, preparing to achieve maximal outcomes following any consulting services offered. This means a smooth operation for all parties, reduced levels of debt for the business as well as creditors having clarity around their return on investment. We consider ourselves the partners of our clients and as invested in their success as they are.

AVA Advisory

Take back control of your business. Reduce debt by up to 80%


Unlock your business potential without the stress of debt

We love working with small and medium business owners right across Australia by helping them reduce their debt and getting them back to what they enjoy most. With tailored solutions for each client, we have what you need to deliver you results.


This involves reorganising the internal structures of a company to better match its present or future needs, reduce tension between stakeholders and debtors and address debt repayment.


A fundamental consideration for any business owner, personal asset protection is best implemented before your assets are threatened but we can also help protect your assets at any stage.


When a company is no longer considered as ‘solvent’, voluntary administration is an option to satisfy both the creditors and help determine the future course of action for the business.


Sometimes the only remaining option is to break a company down and re-distribute its assets. Not as intimidating as it sounds, it can be a relatively pain-free method of repaying creditors.

Debt reduction

Reducing business debt is our primary focus and goal for our clients. We work closely with business owners to regain the passion of why they got into business in the first place. AVA Advisory has a suite of solutions to help you and your business get back on track.

Instant clarity and peace of mind

Getting out of debt can be a stressful, time-consuming and an expensive undertaking and you might feel powerless – forced to agree to unmanageable terms under mounting pressure from creditors.

Confidence in partnership

At AVA Advisory, we take pride in being open, honest, and sensitive when it comes to working out short-term solutions to protect your company and a long-term solution to get your business back on track.

Take back control of your finances

You don’t have to fight debt alone or let it control your business. AVA Advisory will help you take back control. Without debt as a burden, you will be able to get back to what you love and focus again on growing your business.

We'll help you work out where to start

The consultation we offer is very comprehensive and designed to reassure you that there are options available, that you are in safe hands and to ensure the best and most appropriate outcome for your business. Reducing your debt and getting back on track can take anywhere between a month to two years, so we want to make sure we build the best foundations – and trust – for working together to improve your financial situation and relieve you of the stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights that debt causes.

Don't miss out - take action now and get your business free of debt!


See what others are saying about our product/service

“Our Company was in dire straits. In a nutshell, AVA Advisory under Andrews guidance, dragged us out of the mire and enabled us to continue to trade. AVA managed to reduce our debt significantly which in turn has allowed us to save the business, save our employees jobs and entitlements and enabled us to trade on into a stronger position. The prospects look very good, so I won’t hesitate to recommend them.”

John H

CIVIL Construction Business - NSW
“AVA Advisory met us in relation to a recent legal matter. They were able to explain to us what our options were and how we could achieve them. They kept our business alive and were able to reduce our debts from over $1,000,000 to under $200,000.”

Jason M

Transport Business - NSW
“Andrew, (who I call my guardian Andrew) constantly reassured me and I felt we were in safe hands. He and his staff never sugar coated anything, told me the best and worst outcomes and was completely honest. Thanks to the team, we are part of the 30% of businesses that come out of an Administration with a business.”

Jill H

Retail Tyre and Wheel Business - QLD
“The AVA Advisory team assisted us to prevent the inevitable. Their continued support once we traded out this experience was instrumental in turning our business around.”

Shelly M

Labour Hire and Contracting Business - QLD, NSW & VIC
“The team at AVA Advisory are extremely knowledgeable and really listen to your needs. They go out of their way to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your business. I would highly recommend them.”

Gemma R

Online Consulting Business – Australia Wide

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